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Смотрим новый клип британской исполнительницы Laura Doggett на ее новую песню 2014 года Moonshine

У Лауры необычный голос, как можно услышать. Да и новая песня «Moonshine» у ней тоже не просто попса. Сильная получилась песня у этой очаровательной блондинки. Смотрим новый клип Laura Doggett, в котором ее волосы развеваются красиво по ветру и громадную Луну на фоне.

Текст новой песни Laura Doggett — «Moonshine»:

Be wary as you wonder this winding road
Trust only the stone
That supports your soul

Be silent as you walk down this empty street
Your mind wants to breathe
Thoughts play endlessly

Feeling like a little Moonshine
Feeling like a little Moonshine
Feeling like a little Moonshine

Meeting in clandestine
Follow signposts to where white lightning fires.
Our hands full of hope
You ask “where we gunna go”?
I think this time, breathe
In the mountain dew
Enjoy the view

And watch the Moonshine
Feelin’ like a lil’ Moonshine

When it’s all I can do to get up in the morning
Carrying troubles every new day dawning
Praying to a God but there’s nothing coming.
Remember what my Daddy said, just keep on running.

In the end it’s fight or flight
Strength comes when the lightning strikes
Sipping whiskey long into the night
I gotta dream big or I’ll lose my sight
Go to sleep
My little child
I’ll sing for you
A lullaby
But don’t be sure that when you wake
Everything will be the same
Don’t be sure that when you wake
You’re gunna feel the same without a little Moonshine.
Breathe in the mountain dew
Enjoy the view
And I’ll watch you shine.

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